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Puppet Class at ACA

Camp Schedule & Classes

Sample Schedule


Track Options

These Specialized Track options are in addition to all the other Classes and Events
available at the American Clown Academy!


This course is designed to focus on performing within a healthcare setting. This course is for those who have an interest in or who are already performing as a healthcare clown.

Possible Subjects Covered:

  • Hygiene

  • Hospital Procedure

  • Child Life Information

  • Working with a Partner

  • Routine Building

  • Emotional Connection Exercises

  • Improv

Beginner / First of May

This course is for those clowns who are still early in their stages of learning. Some potential students might be those who have NEVER clowned before or those who have only been clowning for a couple of years.

Possible Subjects Covered:

  • Clown History

  • Clown Characters/Development

  • Clown Make-up Design/Application

  • Magic

  • Improv

  • Routine/Prop Building


This course is designed for those who are interested in using their clowning for their Ministry. Clowns who take this course could potentially be performing already as a Ministry Clown or could have a strong interest in doing so.

Possible Subjects Covered:

  • Working Abroad

  • Working within the Church

  • Ministry Routines

  • Working within the Mission Field

  • Creating Messages through Skills


This class is designed to introduce students to the world of the American Style Circus Clown. This class can be very physical and very engaging so be prepared.

Possible Subjects Covered:

  • Gag Writing/Gag Development

  • Slapstick

  • Comedy Movement

  • Circus History

  • Gag Performance


This class is designed for those who perform within their community! i.e. Birthday Parties, Library Shows, Festivals, Nursing Homes, etc.

Possible Subjects Covered:

  • Writing a Birthday Party Show

  • Finding Work Locally

  • Writing Material for different Shows

Eccentric Clowning

This class is designed to welcome you into the world of Eccentric Clowning. This can also be a very physically and emotionally demanding class so be prepared.

Possible Subjects Covered:

  • Creating Vulnerability/Being

  • Vulnerable

  • Learning to Breathe

  • How to create rapport

  • Comedy Movement

  • Entrances and Exits

Taking The Plunge (Business)

This class is limited to 10 individuals. This class is designed for those who are already working as Full Time Entertainers.

Possible Subjects Covered:

  • Branding

  • Creating and Finding Clients

  • Selling Your Product

  • How To Fix Your Product

  • Creating A Business Plan/Model

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