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Clown Camp 2024!

April 28 – May 4  |  Eatonton, Georgia

Our Mission

The mission of the ACA Camp model is to assemble a group of experienced, creative, and committed mentors to help guide you in advancing your entertainment skills. Their main goal being to elevate your personal performance level and, in doing so, enhance the public perception and historical reputation of our chosen art form. The Academy of Clown Arts and the Academy of Christmas Artists is committed to providing the highest level of education to meet you, the performer, where you are in your creative journey.

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Santa School!

Do we teach you to be a clown? NO!
Do we teach you to become a magician? NO!

Academy of Christmas Artists

However, utilizing techniques from these various mediums will give you the confidence to be a performance-based Christmas Artist.

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Learn various clowning techniques from experts in the field. Develop your own unique style and persona to bring joy and laughter to audiences.

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Discover the art of creating clown costumes and make-up. Learn how to use colors and props to enhance your performance.

Explore the world of juggling and magic tricks. Learn how to entertain crowds with your skills and make them laugh.

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Master the art of physical comedy. Learn how to use your body to create humorous situations and delight audiences.

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Camp Highlights

Check out some of the highlights from our previous clown camps and see what makes the Academy of Clown Arts the best place to learn the art of clowning.

Camp Directors

Lee Andrews |  (678) 315-4329

Jed Crouse  |   (608) 963-1205

Myke Hutchings  |   (905) 520-6428

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